Open Source Developer Meetup #1

Starting from May, Open Source Hong Kong resumes monthly open source activities to achieve our mission to promote open source projects and technology.

Open Source Developer Meetup is a new series of monthly meetups, open sharing about open source topics in 10-20 minutes each by participants, primarily in Cantonese, and speakers are welcome to speak in his/her preferred/native languages. 1st meetup will be hosted at jobsDB office in Wan Chai on Thursday (5/11), pls RSVP. Thanks jobsDB to provide venue. Now it is open to add your sharing topic on google doc for 1st meetup, you will get a chance to get 50% discount off or free HKOSCon ticket.
今個月起,Open Source Hong Kong 回復每個月舉行開源社群聚會。不論你自己或他人開發的開源軟件專案,任何人也可以把開源軟件專案拿來 Open Source Developer Meetup 分享。由預先提供講題(15-20分鐘) 到即場提供講題 (5-10分鐘) 也可。

Open Source Developer Meetup #1
日期:2017 年 5 月 11 日 (四 Thu)
地點:jobsDB 辦公室 (灣仔摩利臣山愛群道32號愛群商業大廈11/F)
(English: jobsDB office, 11/F Guardian House, 32 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.)
報名出席 RSVP:

語言 Languages:廣東話、國語、English
(用你想講的語言 / speak in your language)

感謝 jobsDB 公司為今次聚會提供場地。

你想分享嗎 ? 可以預先填在 Google Doc 上。

想有半價甚至免費 HKOSCon ticket 嗎 ? 如果你有 open source 技術題目響星期四晚 monthly meetup 上分享,記得預先響 Google Doc 登記了。

只要你分享 open source 技術題目,就可以得到半價甚至免費 HKOSCon ticket 了!

記得預先響 Google Doc 登記了。
記得預先響 Google Doc 登記了。
記得預先響 Google Doc 登記了。

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