OSHK.Hack.04 Hackathon @ The Loft


OpenSource.HK organize next hackathon at The Loft co-working space on 2014/08/30 Saturday, Hack.04 will focus on coding & development with Raspberry Pi. It is suggested to prepare your github and gmail account, and bring your own laptop and Raspberry Pi.

It's HK$150/head including some snacks and dinner.Please register at the following google form.


今晚九點香港電台DAB數碼31台創客空間節目,講述開放軟體,邀請嘉賓是香港Linux用家協會三位朋友 - Haggen, WanLeung 和 Sammy (亦是OpenSource.HK)。


OpenSource.HK Workshop (2014.08)

2014.08.02 Sat 14:00-17:30 at CityU G4-701 (Capacity: 40)

Schedule / 內容:

  1. Developing Multiplayer Pong Game with Node.JS+express+socket.io (Daniel Chcouri) (40 mins) (English)
  2. MySQL with big data: How memcache is used with MySQL innodb and the MySQL Cluster (Ivan Ma)
    (40 mins)
  3. 台灣最大型開源年會 COSCUP 2014 會後分享 (由眾 COSCUP香港出席者分享: Sammy Fung, Dick Tang, Calvin Tsang, WanLeung Wong, Ivan Ma) (40 mins) (廣東話 Cantonese)
  4. and any other topics will be included. 還有更多內容

OpenSource.HK Monthly Talks (2014.07)

2014.07.05 Saturday 14:00-17:30 at CItyU Y5302.


  1. Python, Web Scraping and Content Management: Scrapy and Django (Sammy Fung) (40 mins)
  2. MySQL in web scaling and big data (Ivan Ma) (40 mins)
  3. Introduction to RESTful API design (Triton Ho) (40 mins)
  4. Intro to Meteor - the Future Web Platform (Daniel Chcouri) (30mins)
  5. and any other topics will be included.


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