Open Source Hong Kong (OSHK) is a registered society organisation under Cap. 151 Society Ordinance in Hong Kong.

OSHK is aimed to foster the open source software development. It is a tech community to connect with developers, contributors, engineers, promoters and users.

Our members develops and supports various open source projects. OSHK organises conferences and events in Hong Kong and Asia, to encourage collaboration in the global open source community.

Commonly we communicates in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

In 2019, Open Source Hong Kong become an Afflicate Member of Open Source Initiative (OSI).


Open Source Hong Kong is established in July 2009 by Mr. Sammy Fung. Later on, he forms the executive committee, and OSHK organises activities in Hong Kong to meet the local and overseas open source contributors. In 2011, OSHK starts to visit the oversea conferences and communities.

Mr. Sammy Fung establish the Hong Kong Open Source Conference (HKOSCon) in 2013. OSHK joins the open data movement in Hong Kong to express the opinion on the open data.

In 2019, OSHK joins OSI as an Affilicate Member.

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