Open Source Hong Kong encourages developers to contribute to open source projects, we organise open source hackathons to foster the open source development.

Open Source Hong Kong lists some projects developed by its members in the following.


Open Source Hong Kong organises 2 annual conferences every year, we requires a software to print badge label for participants. In 2017, Open Source Hong Kong develops Badgeprint, Badgeprint is a django application written in python. We uses it to print badge labels for participants in Hong Kong Open Source Conference and PyCon Hong Kong.

Details: OSHK Event Management Solution

“Kai” Demo

Open Source Hong Kong develops a simple “Kai” Demo after FreeHKFonts team released their first “FreeKai” font. Without any installation, the general public can try the “FreeKai” font on

Web Font Demo: “Kai” Demo ( 自由香港楷書 web font 示範 )

Free Hong Kong Fonts (FreeHKFonts) ( 自由香港字型 )

“Hong Kong people make Hong Kong Chinese fonts” is the slogan of FreeHKFonts.

One of our members is a social worker working in social services for seniors, he found that Chinese strokes displayed from computer fonts are slightly different from Chinese strokes on “Lexical Lists for Chinese Learning in Hong Kong” (ED Lexical List) published by the Education Department. So, he started FreeHKFonts project with a group of HK seniors, to create sets of free Hong Kong Font files in Chinese strokes used on ED Lexical List.

FreeHKFonts Website (Chinese):

Open Source Job Board

Open Source Hong Kong member develops a drupal 7 module in PHP to provide job board features. Open Source Hong Kong uses it to manage an open source job board at jobfol.

Open Source jobs at Jobfol:

GitHub: drupal7-job