Call for Entries | HKICT Awards 2022: Smart People Award

Open Source Hong Kong is honored to be a supporting organization of HKICT Awards 2022: Smart People Award to support Hong Kong ICT products and services.

Hong Kong ICT Awards 2022: Smart People Award is established to recognise innovative development of
ICT products / solutions or ICT-enabled services with the following award streams and objectives:

  1. Smart Inclusion: To promote the rights of the disadvantaged groups to participate and contribute to
    the development of information society
  2. Smart Ageing: To recognise the ICT innovations that address the challenges facing the ageing society
  3. Smart Education and Learning: To encourage ICT in education for all people, safeguard their right to
    education and no one will be marginalized
Application Deadline: June 27, 2022 12:00 noon

We welcome all interested organisations with relevant projects/ programmes to participate in the Award. For more details, please visit our or directly download the Application Prospectus and the Application Form.

Please feel free to contact HKCSS if you have any questions about the Smart People Award (Email: [email protected] / Telephone: 2922 9229)

Daisy Maris Fung

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