August 15-16 (Saturday-Sunday), 2015

Sammy Fung conducted a community talk “Open Source Community: How to survive in a commercialized city“, Kingman conducted a lightning talk “「鋹髮開源力量」香港長者開發開源軟件助社群” in COSCUP 2015 Taipei.


開源社群如何生存於商業社會 (Open Source Community: How to survive in a commercialized city)



講者會從香港說起,在商業社會中,人人談錢、談利益、談個人光環,講者分享營運開源社群的苦與樂,說到近年講者和朋友在國外包括台灣的開源社群所見到的 passion!


Sammy Fung 從中學起至今是一位二十多年經驗的開發者,目前主要使用 python 語言,也是一位喜歡出外打球、跑步、聽搖滾音樂、外遊交流的 IT 人。1997年創立香港Linux用家協會成為會長,目前是 Open Source Hong Kong 會長、Mozilla Rep、GNOME Asia 成員、HKOSCon 及 PyCON HK 主辦人。他一直相信科技、開放、自由、民主能改變人們的生活。

Sammy Fung is a developer with 20+ year experiences starting from secondary school, he uses python nowadays, he also likes to go out to play basketball & soccer, running, listen to rock music, travel. He formed Hong Kong Linux User Group as chairman, currently he is president of Open Source Hong Kong, Mozilla Rep, member of GNOME Asia, organizer of HKOSCon and PyCON HK. He always believe that technology, openness, freedom and democracy can change people’s lives.

Sammy Fung

Sammy is the President and Founder of Open Source Hong Kong. He is also the founder of the Open Platform Society. In 2022, He become a board member of the GNOME Foundation and a fellow member of the Python Software Foundation.

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