HKOSC 2014 Staffs

Thanks for the following volunteers and student helpers helped out at Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2014.

Conference Founder: Mr. Sammy Fung
Conference Chair: Dr. Haggen So

Finance: Dr Haggen So.
Logistics and Operation: Alex Haak, Amanda Lam, Anthony YP Wong, Huijun Mai, Isaac Wong, Kingman Leung, Koala Yeung, Mathieu Bridon, Dr Toby Lam, Roger So, Xiaoxing Ye.
Marketing and Communication: Angel Bernkastel, Calvin Tsang, Daisy Maris Fung, Dr Haggen So, Jeffrey Tang, Lynn Wong, Pili Hu, Sammy Fung.
Program Committee: Dr Haggen So, Henry Law, Sammy Fung, Wan-Leung Wong.
Staff Recruitment: Dr Toby Lam, Dick Tang, Sammy Fung.
Student Helpers: Stanley Au, Kevani Chow, Rena Yip, Maggie Au, Alvin Lau, Kaye So, HF Lee, Ping Lin.

Sammy Fung

The President at Open Source Hong Kong, the blogger at, an open source developer, a Mozilla Rep, the lead of GNOME Asia committee and the contributing member of Python Software Foundation.

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