HKOSCon 2015 Statistics (Attendance)

多謝各位支持 HKOSCon,今年六月份的香港開源年會 (HKOSCon 2015) 報名人數為 962 人,場地五軌合共提供 456 座位 (報名人數是座位總數的 2.11 倍),因此大會在年會前兩天因預計人滿而截了報名。出席人數為 538 人 (第一日 382 人,第二日 306 人,平均 344 人,很接近大會 target 人數 350 人),出席率為 55.92 %,與去年相約。

Thanks for your support to HKOSCon, registration number of HKOSCon 2015 is 962, 456 seats are provided from 5 tracks (ratio: 2.11), therefore HKOSCon closed registration 2 days before the conference. Attendance number of HKOSCon 2015 is 538 (382 on Day 1, 306 on Day 2, 344 in average, very close to 350 – target number of participants), attendance rate is 55.92%, almost as same as last year.

Sammy Fung

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