Learn R through Public Data Hacking: Introduction to Practical Data Science

Public data are everywhere but can you make use of them? This course aims to bring you the essential techniques such as data acquisition, data manipulation and data visualization to make sense out of the public data. The tool of choice is R. Why? We are the Hong Kong R User Group, that’s why.

Speaker: Mr Chung-hong Chan (Hong Kong)

Mr Chung-hong Chan is a researcher in the field of computational social science. His interests span from statistical computing, machine learning and functional programming paradigm.

Language: English (with English Slides)

Notes to Participants of Workshop

This is a 90-minute long workshop, you should bring your own laptop/macbook to attend this workshop with R installed on your system, Linux/Mac OS is preferred but Windows system is also welcome. Pair programming (2 persons in a group) might be arranged at workshop.

Installation guide of R on Linux/Mac/Windows:

(This is a a session of Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2014 on 29 March, HKOSC is an annual international conference in Hong Kong for global open source community, it is aimed to demonstrate the use of open source software technology, open hardware technology and latest development in the world. HKOSC is targeted for developers, users and promoters.)

Sammy Fung

The President at Open Source Hong Kong, the blogger at sammyfun.com, an open source developer, a Mozilla Rep, the lead of GNOME Asia committee and the contributing member of Python Software Foundation.

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