Open Source Hong Kong Monthly Meetup August 2019: “Ansible Night”

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Open Source Hong Kong (OSHK) organises its monthly meeting with local subject matter experts.

What’s Ansible?

Ansible is an open-source software provisioning, configuration management, and application-deployment tool. It runs on many Unix-like systems, and can configure both Unix-like systems as well as Microsoft Windows. In contrast with other popular configuration-management software – such as Chef, Puppet, and CFEngine – Ansible uses an agentless architecture, with Ansible software not normally running or even installed on the controlled node.

Ansible Playbooks are the basis fora really simple configuration management and multi-machine deployment system, can declare configurations, but they can also orchestrate steps of any manual ordered process, even as different steps must bounce back and forth between sets of machines in particular orders. While it is possible to write a playbook in one very large file, eventually you’ll want to reuse files and start to organize things. In Ansible, there are three ways to do this includes, imports, and roles.

Ansible Roles are ways of automatically loading certain vars_files, tasks, and handlers based on a known file structure. Grouping content by roles also allows easy sharing of roles with other users. Writing a reusable Ansible Role with test cases could act as a basic building blocks for complex deployment environment. In Ansible, Molecule is designed to aid in the development and testing of Ansible roles. Molecule provides support for testing with multiple instances, operating systems and distributions, virtualization providers, test frameworks and testing scenarios. By creating test instances with LXD driver instead of Molecule’s default Docker driver, we could bring up (almost) an entire Linux system or manage services for such things as start-up order, dependency checking, and failed service recovery with systemd.


19:30 – 20:00 Role of Ansible in DevOps and case sharing (level: non technical)
Speaker: Albert Law and Frankie Ng, RedHat

20:05 – 20:35 Ansible Role with Molecule and LXD ( Level: expert)
Speaker: Edison Wong

Event Details

Venue: SYSTEX Information Ltd., 13/F, TAL Building, 49 Austin Road, Kowloon.
Time: 19:00 – 21:30
Date: 13 Aug 2019 (Tue)
P.S. limited F&B will be reserved.
Eventbrite URL:

Prior registration is required.


Albert Law, Senior Manager, Solution Architecture

In his two decades of IT career, Albert has been participated in many transformation projects, helping enterprises to adopt new trends and technologies, including information availability and security, platform migration, private and hybrid cloud adoption, etc. As the Solution Architect Manager of Red Hat, he and his team are the evangelist of open source, from automation, cloud enablement to new application framework, bringing the true value of open source to enterprises.

Frankie Ng, Senior Solution Architect

Mr. Frankie Ng is a Senior Solution Architect in Red Hat. He was focusing on OpenStack and SDN technologies. Previously, Frankie served as a cloud engineer in Telecom and led the development in IaaS platform. Frankie received his MSc in Information Engineering from Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Edison Wong, CEO at PantaRei Design Limited

Edison Wong, the founder of PantaRei Design, was initially a programmer but he has become a successful businessman. After graduation from CUHK, he established the Hong Kong Drupal User Group since 2008, and started his own business with Drupal based solution since 2009. During the five years’ development, PantaRei becomes experienced partner for numbers of famous open source based company, e.g. Acquia, Amazon, Atlassian, Rackspace, etc

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