Mart just started to talk extensibility and customizability of GNOME 3 at monthly open source workshop hosted by and Hong Kong Linux User Group.

Open Source Workshop #4 – Ubuntu Global Jam

Saturday, March 3, 2012 (Saturday) at 2:30 PM – 6 PM

Classroom G5-215, Academic 1, City University of Hong Kong, Kowloon Tong.

2:30pm Reception and Ubuntu Global Jam
3:00pm News in open source community in Hong Kong and Asia. (sammy) (C)
3:15pm Continues on Ubuntu Global Jam
6:00pm Introduction & Discussion of GNOME.Asia Summit 2012 hosting in Hong Kong.

Ubuntu Global Jam is a workshop to Trial & Testing of Ubuntu 12.04 current daily build and discussion.

(w/ English slide: C – Cantonese / E – English / P – Putonghua)
(w/ Chinese slide: CC – Cantonese / EC – English / PC – Putonghua)

What will we do ?

  • bring our open source / Linux questions and ideas to workshop to seek for answers, helps, ideas from others.
  • in 5-min lightning talks / 25-min talk, present and share your experience, knowledge to us.
  • assist newbies to install Linux on their own laptops, tell and discuss why and how to use open source / Linux to/with newbies
  • meet with old friends, making new friends, building your own social network.
  • having informal dinner together after workshops and chit-chat!


  • Open Source Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Linux User Group
  • Opensource Application Knowledge Association

我們會做甚麼 ?

  • 帶我們大家的 open source / Linux 問題和 ideas 來 workshop,向別人尋找答案、幫助、ideas。
  • 在 5 分鐘的閃電講 / 25 分鐘演講,向別人介紹和分享你的經驗和知識。
  • 幫助新手在他們 laptop 上安裝 Linux,向新手講述和討論為何、如何使用 open source / Linux。
  • 跟舊朋友聚舊,認識新朋友,建立你在社群的人際網絡。
  • workshops 後可以一起去吃晚飯,繼續聊天

Sammy Fung

Sammy is the President and Founder of Open Source Hong Kong. He is also the founder of the Open Platform Society. In 2022, He become a board member of the GNOME Foundation and a fellow member of the Python Software Foundation.

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