OSHK – Monthly Meetup 2020.12 : Building Kubernetes-native IDE for Developers with Eclipse Che

December 15 (Tuesday), 2020 at 8:30 PM

Eclipse Che is online code space with K8S that you can build it which is platform independent


20:30 Lobbying & Unconference – by Calvin Tsang, VP of OSHK

21:00 “Buildin kubernetes-native IDE for Developers with Eclipse Che” – Peter Ho, Red Hat


Have you ever experienced a situation where your friend said “Your program doesn’t work”, and you replied “But it works on my machine!”? Managing a consistent inner loop development environment across teams is hard because you need to manage the operating system, runtime binaries, dependencies, IDE configurations and more… A single config drift will make your application won’t work!

With the popularity of cloud-based IDE and containers, we can solve this issue by defining a development environment settings as code! Eclipse Che is an open-source, Kubernetes-based IDE engine for developers to dynamically provision a web-based IDE and development environment via containers. With Eclipse Che, you will code your IDE settings into something called a Devfile, which allows you to build a reproduceable, centralized configuration and standard for your development team. Eclipse Che also comes with another open-source project – Eclipse Theia, which makes the cloud-based IDE looks-and-feels like VS Code and use like VS Code, but on your web browser!

In this presentation, we will give an introduction to Eclipse Che, why it matters, how it works, and end with a live demo to show how to use a Devfile for building a consistent Java IDE environment. Please join us to solve this long historical problem!

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