PTHK #22: When traditional firm asks you about innovation…

December 29 (Tuesday), 2020 at 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Organized by ProductTank Hong Kong

※ Place ※
Zoom (link will be revealed once you RSVP)
Passcode: PTHK#22

※ Agenda ※
8:00pm – Welcoming everyone & introducing each other
8:15pm – When traditional firm asks you about innovation…
9:15pm – Closing

When traditional firm asks you about innovation…

Finding the sweet spot between “Innovation” and “Imitation” is definitely a piece of art. Your boss wants to turn over the current business situation; business development team has loads of crazy ideas; mid-level managers wouldn’t want any change; and designers would always seek for perfection in one go. Overturning the status quo overnight will definitely give you all the painful lessons to be learnt, and so let’s get prepared for the worse and look forward to the best!

You shall also know your enemy and know yourself, especially during this difficult time.

Enterprises are usually resourceful, but does this give them an edge in innovation than startups? Everyone is creating a Chatbot, but does every company really need one?

Besides being laid off during digital transformation, what are the qualities required for the “survivors” to adapt in this constantly-changing environment? You are here to find out.

About the speaker

Calvin used to be a Developer in several enterprises during their digital transformation, and now works as a Solution Architect in insurance industry. Bringing along his solid experience in web, app and AI solution development, Calvin is actively involved in local Open Source communities, where he volunteers himself in Open Source Hong Kong and Hong Kong Open Source Conference for many years. He’s benefited from numerous digital transformations, while he had also been through difficult times when he got laid off during a company re-org. He’s a true insider of how things could happen during rapid changes.

Check out Calvin’s LinkedIn profile at

※ Important to know ※

  • This event is primarily in Cantonese. We will try our best to summarize talking points every few minute in English via chat window.
  • To make sure everyone can listen to each other clearly, please mute yourself if you are not talking.
  • You are encouraged to enable your webcam so everyone can see you. Face-to-face conversation does make a difference!
  • We will livestream this session to MindTheProduct YouTube Channel and post its link on our facebook group so others who can’t join this time can benefit from our conversations too.

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