A command-line calculator in pure BASH

Using bash-script to implement a command-line calculator for elementary arithmetic in decimal representation. Also attempting to support complex numbers and the exponential function partially.

Speaker: Mr Wei-Lun Chao (bluebat) (Taiwan)

Mr Wei-Lun Chao (bluebat) has worked as Development Team Lead or Project Manager for open source projects related to Linux system integration. He is also involved in translations for free software by contributing to the GNU Translation Project.

Language: English (English Slides)

Slide: http://www.slideshare.net/bluebat/a-commandlinecalculatorinpurebash

(This is a a session of Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2014 on 29 March, HKOSC is an annual international conference in Hong Kong for global open source community, it is aimed to demonstrate the use of open source software technology, open hardware technology and latest development in the world. HKOSC is targeted for developers, users and promoters.)

Sammy Fung

Sammy is OSHK President and involves in GNOME, Mozilla, Python community. Bio: https://opensource.hk/bio-of-sammy-fung/

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