Let Our Data Talk – Collaboration in Open Government Data Ecosystem

The Third Open Data Conference by Open Data Initiative – Hong Kong” (ODI-HK) presents four webinars and fourteen pre-recorded videos on the latest applications of open data, research being conducted on COVID-19, Enterprise 4.0, digital marketing, managing resources to meet diverse user demands and so on. Open Source Hong Kong will present “From Open Data to Open Technology in Hong Kong”.

Date: 24, 31 March / 14, 15 April 2021

Organizer: Open Data Initiative, Social Science Research Centre, University of Hong Kong

Supporting Organization: Open Source Hong Kong

Fore more information: http://www.ssrc.hku.hk/open_data_conf.php

Brief Introduction of the Open Data Initiative – Hong Kong

The “Open Data Initiative – Hong Kong” (ODI-HK), funded jointly by the General Support Programme of the Innovation and Technology Commission and The University of Hong Kong, is a pilot project for best practice discovery and practical implementation project designed to assist the Government and private sector companies to become more tuned to “Open Data” practice.

Daisy Maris Fung


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