Meet Soosu, the Open Source Hong Kong Mascot, at COSCUP 2023!

Meet Soosu, the Open Source Hong Kong Mascot, at COSCUP 2023!

Open Source Hong Kong is thrilled to announce that Soosu will be making a grand appearance at COSCUP 2023! This is an incredible opportunity to meet and greet our adorable new mascot.

The Story of Soosu

Hong Kong Open Source Conference (HKOSCon), envisioned by Open Source Hong Kong since 2005, is co-organized annually by Open Source Hong Kong (OSHK), Hong Kong Creative Open Technology Association (HKCOTA), and Hong Kong Linux User Group (HKLUG) since 2014. Its mascot, Kottis, was designed by renowned Hong Kong designer Mr. Toby Yeung of Happeas CO, and the creative production was directed by OSHK, aiming to promote HKOSCon.

The origins of Kottis stem from the continuous execution of “Code,” and Soosu represents the “Source” of new ideas, new thinking, and inspiration, injecting new impetus into the open source universe. Soosu embodies the spirit of open source in Hong Kong and the vibrant community that surrounds it. This year, customized by Happeas CO once again, Soosu, the beloved mascot of Open Source Hong Kong, emerges from the vast seas of code, representing creativity, intelligence, and discipline. With its remarkable abilities, Soosu excels in offering innovative solutions for various open source projects, making it the perfect companion to protect and advance your valuable open source endeavors.

Open Source Hong Kong Expedition to COSCUP 2023

After three years of being unable to step foot in Taiwan, we are excited to announce that Soosu will make a grand debut at COSCUP 2023 on July 29-30, 2023! Moreover, we have more exciting news about PyCon HK 2023, happening in Hong Kong on November 11, 2023. We have also prepared some small gifts for you to enjoy (while stock lasts), come visit us at Room TR409-2, Booth C4 and check them out.

Together, let’s embrace the power of open source innovation and forge a brighter future! See you at COSCUP 2023 and PyCon HK 2023!

Open Source Hong Kong@COSCUP 2023

Date: July 29-30, 2023 ( Our representative will also join the welcome party on July 28 )
Place: NTUST, No. 43 Keelung Road, Section 4, Taipei 106, Taiwan, Room TR409-2, Booth C4

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