Mozilla communities in Chinese-speaking regions

Mozilla is one of biggest FOSS projects in the world. In this forum, Mozillians from Chinese-speaking communities will get together, talking about different topics across Mozilla, open communities and volunteering culture, localizations, and exchanging opinions from different locale’s point of view.

Speaker: Mr Irvin Chen (Taiwan), Mr Peter Pin-guang Chen (Taiwan), Mr Orin Chen (Taiwan), Mr Sammy Fung  (Hong Kong), Mr Hayden Chung (Hong Kong), Mr Shaohua Wen (China), Mr Xing Liu (China), Mr Hao Shen (China).

irvinchenMr Irvin Chen (Taiwan)

A long-time volunteers for Mozilla, Irvin is Mozilla Reps and liaison of MozTW (Mozilla Taiwan Community). He contributes by connecting local volunteers and community projects, planning and maintaning website, translating articles, and most important, try to do his best on helping the Mozilla community to grows and stand-out to against those things which dis-obey the Mozilla’s Manifesto in Chinese region.

peterchenMr Peter Pin-guang Chen (Taiwan)

Peter is a proud Mozillian and Mozilla Rep. He contributes to Mozilla by coordinating  Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) localization of Mozilla Products and Projects as locale owner, translating/reviewing articles in SUMO and MDN, and helping people to get involved to Mozilla easier and better as community steward of MozTW. Besides Mozilla stuffs, he is co-founder of Outland Inc., a tech start-up of travelling. Their debut product is, a flight scanner for LCC.

orinchenMr Orin Chen (Taiwan)

Orin Chen is Internet, Mozilla, Open Web, and Open Source lover. He contributes to Mozilla by host many events, planning, translateing SUMO and sharing his Mozilla stories in university.


sammyfungMr Sammy Fung (Hong Kong)

Sammy is Mozillian and Mozilla Rep in Hong Kong.

Mr Hayden Chung (Hong Kong)

Hayden is a infosec fanatics which likes to test on cutting edge technology and software. As a demanding beta tester, he loves Mozilla’s software as the way of highly customizable, free and open source.

shaohuawenMr Shaohua Wen (China)

Holy is a Mozillian and Mozilla Rep. He contributes to Mozilla since 2002. Simplified Chinese (China) localization owner and team leader. He contributed to fix bugs as well, and helping people to get involved to the open source community.

 xingliuMr Xing Liu (China)

Mozilla Reps in Shanghai. Like to translate Mozilla products, raise bug and do some hacking.

haoshenMr Hao Shen (China)

Contributed to Mozilla since 2005. Web owner of Simplified Chinese localization team. Primarily responsilbe for website localization and translation review

Language: Mandarin (with Chinese/English Slides)

(This is a a session of Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2014 on 29 March, HKOSC is an annual international conference in Hong Kong for global open source community, it is aimed to demonstrate the use of open source software technology, open hardware technology and latest development in the world. HKOSC is targeted for developers, users and promoters.)

Sammy Fung

Mr Sammy Fung is President and Founder of Open Source Hong Kong. He establish online community of Open Source Hong Kong in 2006, and its activities in 2010. Sammy starts his contributions in open source community in 1997, he is co-founder and founding chairman of Hong Kong Linux User Group. In 2011, Sammy also participates in open source community across Asia, he joins GNOME Asia committee in 2012, and becomes first Mozilla representative for Hong Kong in 2013. Sammy is a Python developer, open source contributer, and tech writier. He is experienced in Data Science, Django, Scrapy. GitHub / Twitter: @sammyfung Affiliates: - GNOME Asia: Committee Member. - GNOME Foundation: Member. - Mozilla: Mozilla Represenative. - Hong Kong Python User Group (HKPUG): Organiser. - Python Software Foundation: Member.

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