VXCON 2018 Review

Recently I am studying on subjects related to IT security, and would like to explore more knowledge related to these topics. It’s great to know that there is an event in Hong Kong, which is about security and hacking, it is the VXCON.

It is the first time for me to join the VXCON on last month. VXCON is a conference focusing on cyber security and hacking. The speakers and participants are experts coming from all over the world, some of them are active members in global security events such as Blackhat, DEF CON and HITCON.

VXCON is a two day event. The first day is the main conference, speakers coming from all over the world will share their experience in hacking and security. The second day is a workshop and a secret track, and which the secret track can only join by special invitation. Besides of the main conference, the VXCTF is also holding in the same venue. It is a competition for the tertiary institute student to join. They have to face different challenges and to solve the problem using their technology skillset. It includes cryptography, reverse engineering…etc, and the competition will be 30 hours non-stop. In day 2, they will announce the final CTF result.

I’ve joined the day 1 conference and there are lots of interesting topics. One of the speaker Clarence Chio, has share and demonstrate the way he do fuzzing with the assist of AI technology. Fuzz test is complicated and time consuming, but it helps a lot to find bugs in software. With the AI-assisted program analysis, it is more efficient for a developer to discover the bug and fix the security exploit.

There is another topic I like very much, speaker Tan Kean Siong share about the use of Honeypot to capture and analysis how IoT botnet work on hacking computer and devices. It is really interesting to see the demo, he shows us the log file to analysis what is the hacker trying to do in order to hack the system, and the funny part is, he found some of the keyword and by using the keyword to further searching in Google, he finally found the hacker twitter account and contact information.

The topic sharing from the Korean team is also interesting. They are a group of students with two mentors, their project focus on investigation the Korean Dark Web activity and to report their findings to the law enforcement agencies in Korea.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the conference. The organizer really did a great job. The event schedule and arrangement is smooth, it’s also a good opportunity to meet professionals from different countries, and the speaker sharing also inspire me a lot. I will definitely join the conference again next year and will also recommend this event to anyone interested on security and hacking.

VXCON Website: https://www.vxcon.hk/

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