Open Source Hong Kong’s Journey in 2023

A Hub for Collaboration, Innovation, and Growth

In 2023, Open Source Hong Kong successfully emerged from the challenges of the pandemic, fostering a renewed sense of community and collaboration. Our focus on diverse and engaging meetups reflected our commitment to knowledge sharing and networking.

Meetup Highlights

Check out the full list here.

Community Support

Actively promoted and supported key tech events, including the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2023, Digital Economy Summit 2023, and Google Developer Group Cloud Hong Kong DevFest 2023. Additionally, we hosted community booths at AWS Dev Day 2023 and WomenHack Hong Kong.

Explore the complete list of Supporting Events here.

Engagement at Tech Conferences

Showcased our presence at global events, including FOSDEM 2023 (Brussels, Belgium), COSCUP 2023 (Taipei, Taiwan), and PyCon APAC 2023 (Tokyo, Japan), enriching our global perspective and fostering invaluable connections.

Conference Highlights

Conferences are the cornerstone of our engagement strategy, and this year, we proudly assumed a supportive role in organizing the Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2023 in collaboration with HKCOTA. In addition, our successful orchestration of PyCon HK 2023 on 1111 drew nearly 300 participants for a day of enriching discussions. The conference featured a keynote by Mr. Erik Welch from NVIDIA, who traveled from the US to Hong Kong to share insights on ‘Accelerating NetworkX: Fast Graph Analytics with Python.’ Furthermore, community booths from PyLadies Tokyo, the Japanese Raspberry Pi Users Group and PyCon APAC added vibrancy, creating a wonderful opportunity for the exchange of ideas and fostering the learning of Python.

Take a look at more photos of PyCon HK 2023 here.

New Mascot Unveiled

Introduced Soosu, our new mascot, embodying the spirit of open source in Hong Kong. Soosu represents the “Source” of new ideas and inspiration, promising to accompany the open source journey in 2024.

Gratitude to Sponsors

Acknowledging the generous support from sponsors, including Red Hat, AWS, Python Software Foundation, MySQL, PCCW-HKT, Microsoft, JetBrains, OpenSSF, and hosting sponsor UDomain. Special thanks to UDomain for their steadfast support in providing a crucial online space for Open Source Hong Kong. Their commitment ensures a secure and reliable digital home for our community.

Open Source Hong Kong looks forward to building on this momentum, continuing to be a hub for collaboration, innovation, and community growth in the coming year. Thank you to all members, volunteers, sponsors, and partners for making 2023 a remarkable year. If you have event ideas or wish to discuss anything related to open source, feel free to reach out. We’re here to guide you and support your endeavors in the world of open source.

Daisy Maris Fung

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