Simplus.IO: Building mobile cross platform

Ping and her team will introduce a new developer platform – Simplus.IO, which aims to enhance development experience in building cross platform native mobile apps, including iOS and Android at one time by writing HTML only, without any other coding languages.

Simplus.IO empower HTML, the world’s simplest basic coding language. By writing HTML only, you can easily connect logic to your layout, include handling different mobile screen sizes and integration with SaaS, like payment & data manager by just a few simple steps.

The team will open source the core platform for all developers around the world and would like to invite you to experience how we can make a difference and how we can work together for a more friendly development environment.

This is a talk at Open Source Tech Talk (2015.10) on 10 October 2015.


Ms. Ping Wong, CEO and Co-founder, Simplus.IO

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