HKOSC 2014 Agenda

Hereby is the agenda of Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2014 (HKOSC 2014).

Time Conference Hall 4 Conference Hall 5 Conference Hall 6 Conference Hall 7
09:15  Reception
10:00 Opening Speeches
1. Hon. Charles Mok, Legislative Councilor (IT).
2. Conference Organizer
10:10 Keynote #1 – Open Source Beyond Developers –
by Chia-liang Kao (Taiwan), co-founder of
10:55 Short Talk by Hong Kong Science and Tehcnology Park Corporation.
11:10 Morning Break
and Lightning Talk – A command-line calculator in pure BASH by Mr Wei-Lun Chao (bluebat)
11:25 Keynote #2 – VLC 2.2 and VideoLAN introduction
by Rémi Denis-Courmont (Finland) and François Cartégnie (France),
Lead Developers at VideoLAN Foundation.
12:10 Keynote #3 – XO4All: Eduvolunterism & OLPC
by T.K. Kang, One Laptop Per Child (Asia Pacific).
12:55 Lucky Draw #1 and Announcements
13:00 Lunch
14:30 An Introduction to Garbage Collection Algorithm in OpenJDK (Sunny Chan) Streaming the web, binary json and streaming in javascript (Vincent Lau Chun Yin) David and Goliah: from Firefox browser to Firefox OS
(Michael Hung, Taiwan)
Workshop #1 – Learn R through Public Data Hacking: Introduction to Practical Data Science (Chung-hong Chan)
15:00 WebRTC2SIP and Open IMS (Jorge Serrano from Peru) CocoaPods, a better way to use and publish open source project for iOS and Mac (Francis Chong)

(Irvin Chen, Taiwan; Peter Chen, Taiwan; Orin Chen Taiwan; Sammy Fung, Hong Kong; Hayden Chung, Hong Kong; Shaohua Wen, China; Xing Liu, China, Hao Shen, China) (Mandrian)

15:30 Makers, Open Source Hardware and Shanzhai (David Li from China) Quality comes free with open source software tools – Functional Testing (Steven Mak)
16:00 Afternoon Break and Lightning Talks.
Hall 4: AnthonOS (Mr. Xiaoxing Ye)
Hall 4: How to watch YouTube video without frying an egg on Linux Laptop ? (Mr Dick Tang)
Hall 5: Panda – a new way of programming (Mr. Jonas S Karlsson)
Hall 5: Web Scraping with Scrapy (Mr. Sammy Fung)
Hall 6: Demonstration of output-filters for Input-Method (Mr Wei-Lun Chao aka bluebat)
Hall 6: Hong Kong input methods on Linux (Mr. Mathieu Bridon, Mr Koala Yeung)
Hall 7: 拆解梁振英民望插水之迷: 開源機器學習軟件簡介 (Mr Chung-hong Chan)
Hall 7: Open Source visualization and presentation with R (Mr Guy Freeman)
16:20 Developing Multiplayer Pong Game with (Daniel Chcouri from Israel) Switching from MySQL to PostgreSQL (Triton Ho) (Cantonese) The Rules of Open Source and Collaboration: Copyright and Public License (Richard Lin, Taiwan) (Mandrian) Workshop #2 – How to print out your 3D model? (Wan Leung Wong) (Cantonese)
16:50 – Cloud Data Application Platform (Ron Tam, Alfred Lai, Ding Lam, Solomon Yan) (Cantonese / English) MariaDB 10: A MySQL Replacement? (Colin Charles from Malaysia) Locales for chinese dialects (Wei-Lun Chao, Taiwan) (Mandrian)
17:20 How to Recruit Talented Young Developers (Cyrus Wong) (English / Cantonese) Performance Tuning MongoDB (Asya Kamsky from USA) The crazy open source project Wine  (Qian Hong from China)
17:50 Networking and Lucky Draw #2
18:10 Closing

(Last Updated on 2014/3/24)

Conference Organizer reserved the right to make time changes on agenda without advanced notice.

Sammy Fung

The President at Open Source Hong Kong, the blogger at, an open source developer, a Mozilla Rep, the lead of GNOME Asia committee and the contributing member of Python Software Foundation.

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