HKOSC 2014 Agenda

Hereby is the agenda of Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2014 (HKOSC 2014).

Time Conference Hall 4 Conference Hall 5 Conference Hall 6 Conference Hall 7
09:15  Reception
10:00 Opening Speeches
1. Hon. Charles Mok, Legislative Councilor (IT).
2. Conference Organizer
10:10 Keynote #1 – Open Source Beyond Developers –
by Chia-liang Kao (Taiwan), co-founder of
10:55 Short Talk by Hong Kong Science and Tehcnology Park Corporation.
11:10 Morning Break
and Lightning Talk – A command-line calculator in pure BASH by Mr Wei-Lun Chao (bluebat)
11:25 Keynote #2 – VLC 2.2 and VideoLAN introduction
by Rémi Denis-Courmont (Finland) and François Cartégnie (France),
Lead Developers at VideoLAN Foundation.
12:10 Keynote #3 – XO4All: Eduvolunterism & OLPC
by T.K. Kang, One Laptop Per Child (Asia Pacific).
12:55 Lucky Draw #1 and Announcements
13:00 Lunch
14:30 An Introduction to Garbage Collection Algorithm in OpenJDK (Sunny Chan) Streaming the web, binary json and streaming in javascript (Vincent Lau Chun Yin) David and Goliah: from Firefox browser to Firefox OS
(Michael Hung, Taiwan)
Workshop #1 – Learn R through Public Data Hacking: Introduction to Practical Data Science (Chung-hong Chan)
15:00 WebRTC2SIP and Open IMS (Jorge Serrano from Peru) CocoaPods, a better way to use and publish open source project for iOS and Mac (Francis Chong)

(Irvin Chen, Taiwan; Peter Chen, Taiwan; Orin Chen Taiwan; Sammy Fung, Hong Kong; Hayden Chung, Hong Kong; Shaohua Wen, China; Xing Liu, China, Hao Shen, China) (Mandrian)

15:30 Makers, Open Source Hardware and Shanzhai (David Li from China) Quality comes free with open source software tools – Functional Testing (Steven Mak)
16:00 Afternoon Break and Lightning Talks.
Hall 4: AnthonOS (Mr. Xiaoxing Ye)
Hall 4: How to watch YouTube video without frying an egg on Linux Laptop ? (Mr Dick Tang)
Hall 5: Panda – a new way of programming (Mr. Jonas S Karlsson)
Hall 5: Web Scraping with Scrapy (Mr. Sammy Fung)
Hall 6: Demonstration of output-filters for Input-Method (Mr Wei-Lun Chao aka bluebat)
Hall 6: Hong Kong input methods on Linux (Mr. Mathieu Bridon, Mr Koala Yeung)
Hall 7: 拆解梁振英民望插水之迷: 開源機器學習軟件簡介 (Mr Chung-hong Chan)
Hall 7: Open Source visualization and presentation with R (Mr Guy Freeman)
16:20 Developing Multiplayer Pong Game with (Daniel Chcouri from Israel) Switching from MySQL to PostgreSQL (Triton Ho) (Cantonese) The Rules of Open Source and Collaboration: Copyright and Public License (Richard Lin, Taiwan) (Mandrian) Workshop #2 – How to print out your 3D model? (Wan Leung Wong) (Cantonese)
16:50 – Cloud Data Application Platform (Ron Tam, Alfred Lai, Ding Lam, Solomon Yan) (Cantonese / English) MariaDB 10: A MySQL Replacement? (Colin Charles from Malaysia) Locales for chinese dialects (Wei-Lun Chao, Taiwan) (Mandrian)
17:20 How to Recruit Talented Young Developers (Cyrus Wong) (English / Cantonese) Performance Tuning MongoDB (Asya Kamsky from USA) The crazy open source project Wine  (Qian Hong from China)
17:50 Networking and Lucky Draw #2
18:10 Closing

(Last Updated on 2014/3/24)

Conference Organizer reserved the right to make time changes on agenda without advanced notice.

Sammy Fung

Sammy is the President and Founder of Open Source Hong Kong. He is also the founder of the Open Platform Society. In 2022, He become a board member of the GNOME Foundation and a fellow member of the Python Software Foundation.

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